Birth Flower Name Necklace - Camillaboutiqueco
Birth Flower Name Necklace - Camillaboutiqueco
Birth Flower Name Necklace - Camillaboutiqueco
Birth Flower Name Necklace - Camillaboutiqueco
Birth Flower Name Necklace - Camillaboutiqueco
Birth Flower Name Necklace - Camillaboutiqueco
Birth Flower Name Necklace - Camillaboutiqueco
Birth Flower Name Necklace - Camillaboutiqueco
Birth Flower Name Necklace - Camillaboutiqueco
Birth Flower Name Necklace - Camillaboutiqueco
Birth Flower Name Necklace - Camillaboutiqueco
Birth Flower Name Necklace - Camillaboutiqueco
Birth Flower Name Necklace - Camillaboutiqueco
Birth Flower Name Necklace - Camillaboutiqueco
Birth Flower Name Necklace - Camillaboutiqueco
Birth Flower Name Necklace - Camillaboutiqueco

Birth Flower Name Necklace

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Rose Gold

Birth Flower Name Necklace - Unique Gift For Your Loved

Flower Name Necklace:The most distinctive jewelry is the personalized birth flower name necklace.There are twelve different types of flowers for each month. The features of birthflowers that bloom in various months vary, and they stand for strength, happiness, and good health. Create a flower necklace that is unique to you based on your birthday. Both protection and luck are possible with it.

Custom Birth Flower Necklace Dimensions Chain lengths: 14, 16, 18, 20, and 22. The personalized birthday flower necklace pendant height is 45 mm (6 characters). The necklace's cable chain and lobster clasp make it simple to wear and appropriate for any outfit.

Quality of Dainty Necklace: Lead-free, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic Copper Personalized Birth Flower Necklace with Name.Custom jewelry may be a sign of friendship or affection in addition to being a fashionable item for regular use.

The ideal present is a birth flower necklace that represents the month of the recipient's birth. They are appropriate as graduation presents for moms, daughters, girlfriends, wives, classmates, and friends as well as birthday, mother's day, Christmas, anniversary, Wedding and Valentine's Day gifts.

Personalize Me! Customize the perfect name, initial, or inspirational word necklace by adding between 2 and 10 letters to this necklace.

Birth Month Flower Name Necklace Detail:

  • Chain Length: 14",16",18",20",22"+2" extension chain
  • Chain Style: Dainty Cable Chain
  • Clasp Style: Lobster Clasp
  • Name Size: Depending on your name, Height sizes range from 5cm to 7cm.
  • Necklaces are cast in 18K Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver plated 

 We also have no enamel option birth name flower necklace, Please check this version

Layering tips: Wear this birth flower name necklace on its own or together with other necklaces if you like to layer them

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Our birth flower jewelry items are the ideal present for any fashion enthusiast. They come in lovely packaging and are sure to make you or your loved ones really pleased..

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You have a fantastic opportunity to coordinate with your bestie(s) with custom birth flower necklace! Get matching earrings to appear stylishly coordinated.

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Before making a decision to buy our "birth month flower necklace," it's crucial to study as much as you can about it. We know you're excited about it. Our group creates the most unique jewelry distinctive the most unique jewelry made on the market while keeping costs reasonable. Let's find out more!

What is a birth flower name necklace?

A customized necklace with a person's name and the flower that corresponds to their birth month is called a "birth flower name necklace." It is a special and kind way to honor a loved one's birthday. The person's name is usually aetched or imprinted into the necklace, and it frequently has a pendant or charm that represents their natal flower. Stainless steel,brass and sterling silver are just a few of the materials that may be used to create birth flower name necklaces.To make them even more unique and significant, they may be personalized with multiple font types, various chain lengths, and extra charms or birthstones.

Can I choose the material for the birth flower name necklace?

Yes, you have a choice in the birth flower name necklace's material. We provide three standard materials, including sterling silver, brass, and stainless steel. The choice of material may be influenced by aspects including personal preference, price range, and durability. It's a good idea to take the wearer's tastes and wants into account when selecting the necklace's material.
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Can I choose the font for the name on the birth flower name necklace?

The birth flower name necklace does allow you to choose the typeface used for the name. Block, script, and cursive are common font types. The font selection can be influenced by taste and the necklace's overall design. While certain font designs may be stronger or more contemporary, others may be more delicate or graceful. Consider the font's readability as well, particularly if the name is lengthy or contains odd letters. Simply send us an email with your requested font style choices.

Each Birth month flower just like birthstones, holds special meaning for each month they represent:

January: Carnation

Carnations' ruffled, vibrant flowers are a representation of commitment, love, and loyalty. Carnations are one of the few flowers that survive from summer into winter, therefore it is also a sign of tenacity.

February: Violet

The flower for February is supposed to stand for loyalty, bravery, knowledge, and faith. It has a long history of therapeutic usage. These little blossoms can resist extreme weather, which makes them the ideal flower for the middle of winter.

March: Daffodil 

Daffodils are a suitable birth month flower for March since that's when the Northern Hemisphere starts to see the first hints of spring. Daffodils also stand for fresh starts, rebirth, and joy in the same way that spring does. They may also stand for gallantry and unrequited love.

April: Daisy

The flower of the birth month for April is the daisy, which comes in a range of hues and sizes. These blooms, properly called "daisies" from the Anglo-Saxon "day's eye," bloom with the first appearance of sunshine. According to folklore, daisies stand for purity, innocence, and maintaining secrets.

May: Lily Of The Valley

 The fragrant white blooms are frequently linked to archaic feminine ideals like chastity, purity, and sweetness. The modesty and chastity of the virgin goddess Ostara are symbolized by the lily of the valley blooms in Germanic mythology.

June: Rose 

The rose is June's birth flower. One of the most popular, easily available, and adaptable herbal treatments on the planet is this flower. Roses stand for adoration, passion, and love.

July: Water Lily 

The water lily, which delicately rests on fresh water, is the birth flower for July and is calm and quiet. The name "Nymphaea" for these flowers is derived from the Greek word "nymph," which refers to a feminine spirit that lives in forests and rivers. This flower stands for grandeur, purity, and spirituality.

August: Poppy 

The flower for August's birth month is the vividly-hued poppy, which stands for success, happiness, and positivity. Poppies can be used in rituals for unwinding.

September: Morning Glory 

The lovely morning glory, which grows on vines and cascades over garden walls, stands for affection. They open up quite early in the morning and close up relatively early in the afternoon, hence earning the moniker "morning glory."

October: Marigold 

The marigold is a flower that is ideal for October because of its warm, rich hues, which fit well with the season. They stand for passion and love. 

November: Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are fragrant flowers that are associated with cheerfulness, enthusiasm, and friendship.

December: Holly

Holly is a lovely evergreen that is frequently used as a decorative item, particularly during the winter holidays. It is not frequently connected to a particular symbolic significance as a flower. But in many societies and circumstances, holly leaves and berries have diverse symbolic connotations.

Can I add other charms or birthstones to the birth flower name necklace?

Yes, you may further customize the birth flower name necklace by adding more charms or birthstones. This can incorporate personal symbols like as initials, hearts, or other designs that are meaningful to the bearer. In order to reflect the wearer's birth month or other significant events, birthstones can also be placed to the necklace. Along with the birth flower and name pendant, additional charms or birthstones may be affixed to the necklace as pendants or charms. If you would like to add more charms or birthstones to the necklace, please send us an email with your request. It's a wonderful way to add even more character and significance to the birth flower name necklace.

Can You Personalized Birth Flower Name Necklace?

Yes! The custom birth flower necklace may be customized with the recipient's initial, name, or birthdate in addition to the natal date and flower. As a result, the recipient may find the present to be much more important and precious. A lovely and considerate present for mothers on birthdays, Mother's Day, or other important events is a personalized birthday flower necklace.

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